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Marim Bula
Blue Curacao

Rs 790.00

Marim Bula Blue Curacao

Marimbula comprises of international and ethnic flavors of syrups. Trusted recipies created by professionals with over 25 years of experience.

Higher Fruit Content: They have 3-4 times higher fruit content than any syrup available in the market Indian ethnic Flavors: Apart from our International Range of Syrups, Marimbula also has a range of Indian ethnic flavors like Paan/Cumin Spice/Saffron Cream/Tamarind/Coconut Fudge Higher Profit Margin: With economical pricing and better yield due to higher fruit content Team professional Beverage Chef's : To support the back end for menu creation, training and development. Packaging Variety: Available in 1lts and 700ml packaging. Unique Packaging: With every bottle comes a unique story of the origin of the flavors