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Cheese Spreadz - Peppy Pizza

Rs 85.00

Britannia Cheese Spreadz - Peppy Pizza

Cheese Spreadz-Peppy Pizza adds to the various dishes for the taste and flavour. This cheese is made from the milk which is rich in Proteins, Sodium and Calcium. Flavoured with Roasted Garlic, the Cheese is spread in the Burgers, Sandwiches or added to the Pizza, Pasta and Spaghetti.

Cheese Spread provides calcium and protein, as well as some vitamin A, B12, riboflavin, zinc and phosphorus. And it's a source of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a fat that may have anti-cancer, weight-reducing, and heart-protective effects. Use soft cheese in place of sliced cheese in sandwiches, or, if it is soft enough, even in place of mayonnaise.