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Seasoning - Mexican

MRP: Rs 99 (inclusive of all taxes)

The rich tapestry of sweet and spicy flavours that Mexican cuisine is loved for - now captured in a magic blend. This international seasoning product is inbuilt with unique 2-way flip cap to sprinkle it or scoop it. On1y is a new way of rediscovering the power of herbs and spices. On1y can conveniently become a part of your daily diet for the irresistible benefits that it brings.

Chilli - Paprika (48%), Chilli Ground (16%), Cumin (15.2%), Salt, Coriander, Garlic, Oregano, Clove.

Spice up your sauces, rub onto your meats or make a delicious marinade out of it. Used to make Mexican dishes such as tacos, ground beef, chicken breasts.

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