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Frozen Blackberries

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We have introduced our frozen berries in four pack sizes - single pack, mingle pack, standard pack and family pack. These single and mingle packs are a first in market - single pack is for a single use by one person and mingle pack for single use by two persons. These are convenient packs for those who have limited usage and want a small ticket size.
Premium Frozen Blackberries with the same amount of nutritional value as fresh Blackberries. With the use of latest IQF Technology, each piece of these berries are individually frozen to increase their shelf life and preserve their nutritional profile.
Frozen Berries are easy and convenient to store and can be used in many ways - top up your dessert, yoghurts, healthy fresh oat bowl and many more! These berries are sorted and directly frozen at the peak of their freshness, no blanching has been done before, as that might destroy or leaches their Vitamin C content.
Blackberries are rich source of anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants that give blackberries their deep purple colour. We deliver to your doorstep, frozen berries accompanied by dry ice to ensure that you get hard frozen items even at the peak of summer.

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