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Hormone Balancing Foods

Feeling stressed lately, with some weird symptoms like fatigue, migraines, painful periods, mood swings, anxiety, depression, sexual health issues or sudden weight gain?

This can be because your body is communicating with you. Whenever you face hormonal changes, your body tries to convey signs that something is out of balance. Not only weird signs but hormonal imbalance may also lead to other diseases like thyroid, cardiovascular diseases and many more!

Our hormones have immense effect on our physical and emotional health. These chemicals in our body play crucial role in administrating our mood, weight, appetite and many other things. Therefore, it is extremely important to maintain the hormonal and chemical balance.

A healthy hormonal system depends on various factors like your sleeping habits, stress level and consistent exercise. But the most important way to maintain or balance your hormones is through proper nutrition. Nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle will surely help to improve hormonal health and allow us to feel and perform much better.

Studies from all over the world, indicate that consuming healthy fats found in foods such as Avocado, Nuts, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil etc. reduces insulin resistance and helps production of appetite controlling hormone. Nutritionists say that diet consisting of processed and sugary foods can have harmful effects on hormonal health. So, always aim to consume less sugar and go for healthy options.

To tackle these following foods that can help you ease symptoms related to hormonal imbalance –

  • Coconut Oil – contains lauric acid helps which helps in hormone production, improves insulin utilization and boosts thyroid function. Being the best source of healthy fats, which also improves brain health.
  •  Salmon – Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which help woman keep their hormones balanced – suggested to consume fish like Salmon three times in a week.
  • Eggs – High protein meal in the morning helps to reduce the hunger hormone and keeps you feel full for longer which helps to lose weight by satisfying your cravings. Eggs are also good source of vitamin choline that helps produce neurotransmitter acetylcholine – essential to brain health and development. Keep your nervous system healthy and help your mind to cope with stress.
  • Avocado – Rich source of healthy fats which help keep our blood sugar levels balanced and nervous system healthy. Contains Vitamin B5 – stress fighting B vitamin that helps handle stress.
  • Quinoa – A superfood packed with vitamins, minerals and protein that keeps blood sugar levels at bay and in turn check on insulin and androgen levels.
  • Spinach – Helps to enhance thyroid function and aids production of thyroid hormones. Rich in iron and contains range of B vitamins that helps to boost energy of those who are feeling sluggish and tired.
  • Flax Seeds – Contains lignans that reduce excess estrogen. Also helps to improve and prevent other hormone related issues like menopausal symptoms and breast cancer.


The bottom line is hormones impact growth and development, metabolism, digestion, fertility, stress, mood, energy, appetite, weight and more. Eating a diet which is high in good fats, protein and overall nutrition goes a long way in enriching our lives. Not eating enough total calories, healthy fats or fiber can disrupt hormones and may lead to conditions like obesity, diabetes, infertility and cancer. Lack of sleep, stress, alcohol and processed foods can also throw off hormones directly or indirectly by influencing the gut microbiome, which keeps hormones balanced. However, minor fluctuations in hormonal balance is quite common nowadays where we are extremely active to a point that our minds are 24/7 active for the next email or social media notification. Such being our lifestyle, the diet becomes even more important for preserving hormonal balance.

At Frugivore we always try to initiate interactions on leading a healthier life by way of what we eat. Food is of utmost importance. As George Bernard Shaw once said “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” Value it rightly!